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Which technique should I choose?

An investment like this can help you successfully overcome difficult times like last year's, when drought and pandemic cut agricultural production in Moldova by half.

  • You'll make long-term savings on water and fertiliser consumption
  • You will have more time to take care of other more important aspects of your garden or farm
  • Irrigation systems are sustainable and can easily adapt to any type of land, regardless of size or shape
  • Your work will have minimal impact on the environment
  • Soil texture and quality will improve
Do you offer warranty for new equipment?

Yes, of course. All new machinery has a warranty as well as an established and regular service period based on the rules introduced by the manufacturers of agricultural machinery.

Is it possible to pay for the machines in instalments?

We have a flexible payment system. If you already own 50% of the total price of the product, we can offer the possibility of payment in instalments!

How long does it take for spare parts to be delivered?

We get absolutely all spare parts within 3-5 working days.

Does the technique used have a guarantee?

No company offers a guarantee on the technology used, but if problems arise with the operation of AGROTOPLAIN, we will help you solve them.